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SAKURA COMBO L16 SHAD 120 - 120MM - 4.75'' + L16 SHAD Jighead - 21G - S06 (Sexy Shad)

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Soft swimbaits- Shad- Combo

Component of our innovative “L16 Process” leaded head this fits perfectly with our L16 Koneel soft lures .
Its tapered design provides a lively swimming action. When equipped as such, your Koneel performs sudden deviations wriggling like a real sandeel. Lightweight versions of the leaded head will appeal to finesse fishing enthusiasts who know how important it is to offer at times more discreet mountings and smaller lures. Heavier models ensure a rapid descent when exploring different depths or when placed in areas with stronger currents. The finishings on our L16 Koneel Jig Head stands out from competing models because we chose a qualitative coating of neutral color, like gunsmoke, wwhich easily matches with all shad colours. The chemicaly sharpened hook is very sharp and has an opening precisely proportioned and a shank length that positions him perfectly on your lure. We recommend that you fasten the lure with a drop of glue to ensure it remains in perfect position, cast after cast. Type: L16 KONEEL JIG HEAD Sizes: 7g, 10g, 14g, 17g, 21g, 28g We recommend the following combinations :
• 7 g, 10 g, and 14 g for the L16 Koneel 150 mm
• 17 g, 21 g, and 28 g for the L16 Koneel 200 mm.

Originally developed for bass fishing, offshore, Shad L16 also works well when targetting freshwater predators. By removing his head,the L16 Shad can be mounted on our leaded heads L16 Shad Jig Heads or Fisheads or on an “offset”hook , if you need to fish areas with snags, seaweed, submerged vegetation, etc.
• Ultra realistic action
• available in a large range of sizes
• powerful rolling action even at low speeds
• specially studied plastic density
• dorsal and ventral slit
• natural colours The polymer used has a robust specific hardness, allowing you to catch more fish with the same bait. This material doesn't influence negatively the shad movement, actually the opposite-the material will enable the shad to maintain a natural movement even in strong currents, while being able to send powerful vibrations at any recovery speed. The L16 Shad remains flexible enough to be kept by the fish in the mouth for a moment and giving you the time to strike, which is significant when seeking big bass or freshwater predators in general.We flavored this lure with aniseed scent to increase its tasting further. Always listening to the fishermen, Sakura innovates in this competitive field, creating the L16 Shad and L16 Koneel.
Apart from their very attractive natural shape, these lures feature a unique patented system that allows you to remove the head of your lure without tools, by simply pulling it back, to fit perfectly with a jig head. This unique system employs a light pre-cut slot fitted on the circumference of the head.
In order to get the same result using an traditional lure , it is necessary to remove the head with a knife or scissors. The approximate result is not always the one expected, often the correct rigging isn’t found first time, ultimately you'll have a lure that has lost most of its attractiveness because of the material that has been removed. With the “process L16” the fisherman will always get a bait cut and rigged the same way,every time. Type:L16 SHAD
Category : Soft swimbait – shad
Specifications :
• 3.75” – 90 mm / Pieces per pack : 5
• 4.75” – 120 mm / Pieces per pack : 4
• 6” – 150 mm / Pieces per pack : 3

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Shads - Swimbait/Baitfish


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