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SAKURA COMBO TEX'SHAD 120 - 120MM - 4.75'' + TEX'SHAD Jighead - 40G - 05

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Soft swimbaits- Shad- Combo

Jointed shad jig head
The Tex Shad Jig Head is designed to fit perfectly with the Sakura Tex’Shad and ensures optimal swimming and presentation.
We offer two lines that blend with our Tex’Shad 100 mm and 120 mm. The existing weights on offer allow you to efficiently explore zones from 2 to 25 m; in doing so you will benefit from the existing offset hook and Texas mount because you will be able to inspect snaggy areas and you don't have to give up easily anymore as to when using any other conventional leaded head. The integrated stainless steel clip ensures fast and secure installation without deteriorating the lure. Our new articulated heads offer accentuated diving and retrieve amplitude and a freedom of movement that brings new life a this soft lure making it a more attractive lure to any fish.

TheTex’Shad will naturally find its way into all fishing boxes of bass, saratoga and barramundi anglers. It is a formidable soft swimbait, the ideal texture and whose swimming has been studied to best mimic the behavior of a small fish. It will be your best ally, installed on our Tex Shad Jig Heads and their Texan weapon system that can explore without the risk of snagging-rough areas where larger predators are waiting .If fitted with an articulated leaded head Tex’Shad Jig Head, the Tex’Shad has a shape that mimics the bait and a swiming motion to match. It is good to have a casting speed appropriate for the fish you choose and match that with the right lure size, the right color and the leaded head. Here are some tips to help you choose the weight of your head leaded:
Tex’Shad 100 Jig Head Depth range
15 g : 2 -15 m // 20 g : 4 -20 m // 25 g : 5 - 30 m
Tex’Shad 120 Jig Head Depth range
20 g : 2 -12 m // 30 g : 5 - 30 m // 40 g : 12 -35 m
Note, however, that additional factors will require you to adapt to circumstances (current, wind, depth, diameter of the line etc.). Retrieve: should be slow and should begin as soon as the Tex’Shad hits the bottom. It should comprise of a series of lifts and falls, but avoid shocking movements that would spoil the effects of natural lure action. Use long slow lifts and keep an eye on the rod tip on the descent because many bites occur during this phase.Similarly, a soft animation will allow you to pass through obstacles (weeds, submerged obstacles) more easily without the risk of being snagged because of the “Texas Rig”. Many fishermen know well, offset hooks with this assembly should be being partly concealed in the lure body ,and the strike should be a little more aggressive than with a conventional jig head. Given the number of bites you get with Tex’Shad it is something that you will develop as a habit, so no worries! Type: TEX’SHAD
Category : Soft swimbaits – shad
Specifications :
• 4” – 100 mm (7,4 g) / Pieces per pack : 3
• 4.75” – 120 mm (13,7 g) / Pieces per pack : 3

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Shads - Swimbait/Baitfish


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