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About us

ADORE TACKLE is an Australian family owned and operated business, located in sunny Adelaide, SA.

We are passionate about fishing and outdoors, having spent almost all our lives hunting fresh water or saltwater monsters in Europe, Australia or North America.

The business started with an idea several years ago, when we have decided to relocate back to Australia from US. That’s when we started researching the Australian fishing tackle market. And whilst mature and well established, there are at best, only a dozen or so brands in the fishing tackle and outdoor equipment market present in Australia. Some of the major brands that we grew up with in Europe are nowhere to be found in Australia. Major brands. Outstanding quality. None on offer to the keen Australian fisherman.

That’s when we have committed to represent those brands so we can offer an alternative to every Australian angler. It’s all about choices. And so far, those choices were very limited in Australia. Not anymore!

Not only that we, at Adore Tackle plan to educate the market about these phenomenal brands, but we want to offer you fishing tackle and outdoor equipment at the absolute best value for money. Currently Adore Tackle operates only as an online business. By not having a brick and mortar type of business and overheads, we manage to keep our costs down so we can pass those savings on to you.

Gone are the days when you needed to pay an arm and a leg for a quality rod or reel. Or when you needed to choose between brands A, B or C. Only A, B or C. Now tradition and innovation backed by quality and outstanding prices are here to stay. So, you can choose from many more reputable brands. Amazing technology. European brands. Best of the best. World class quality. Now available in Australia. Available …to you.

Here’s a tour and a briefing of the brands ADORE TACKLE represents.

      SPORTEX. German made outstanding quality rods. Not your “of the peg” regular Chinese manufactured rod. SPORTEX is the definition of quality. The equivalent of a German car in the fishing tackle world. Not two SPORTEX rods are the same. Even 2 “identical” ones from the same series are different, because of the techniques involved. Everything backed by a 10-year blank warranty. HELICORE blanks, TC80 aerospace carbon, FUJI components are what sets SPORTEX apart. Hold one SPORTEX rod and your will immediately see and feel the difference. There is nothing like SPORTEX out there.

      CLIMAX. German made monofilament and braided lines. Outstanding quality and exceptional value for money.

      COLMIC. Another giant in rod design, engineering and manufacturing using own moulds and selected carbon and other materials. From TC24 to TC55 Toray U.L.A.F and ProForce Japanese carbon fibres to SeaGuide and FUJI components for rods, many products that COLMIC makes are legend. From the ZERO-SEVEN rods to Seaguar lines or Nuclear and Hayabusa hooks. HERAKLES and SCRAPE are part of COLMIC and they offer the same outstanding quality that has made COLMIC one of the most sought-after brands, with a focus on lure fishing for freshwater or saltwater predators (HERAKLES) or feeder fishing (SCRAPE)

      DAM. There are very few brands out there that have the history and pedigree that DAM has. Born in 1875. Created the first reel (QUICK). German engineering. German breed through and through. Sub-brands such as EFFZETT (from 1933), QUICK (from 1937), STEELPOWER, DAMYL, SUMO to name a few are legends today. DAM offers outstanding quality. From selected carbon fibres ranging from TC24 to TC40 carbon backed by SeaGuide and Fuji components DAM rods will safely land any freshwater or saltwater monster; DAM QUICK reels are recognized as some of the best in the world, and DAMYL TECTAN lines have won numerous awards, and the EFFZETT blinkers and spoons have been imitated many times but never bettered.

      BALZER. German tradition, design and engineering from 1946. BALZER stands for only the best quality. Matze Koch, Jorg Stehlow and Michael Zammataro are just some of the world champions and best of the best that help BALZER design, engineer, develop and test its rods, reels, artificial lures and baits, lines etc. BALZER has been consistently named the best quality supplier of fishing tackle by many German magazines throughout the years. BALZER quality stands the tests of time and now is available to you through Adore Tackle!

      SERT. Our French manufacturer that embodies uncompromised quality and value. SERT houses many quintessential and iconic brands such as Garbolino ( one of the world’s best fishing tackle dedicated to trout and other freshwater and saltwater predators), PROWESS ( quality feeder and stationary fishing), Katusha ( European catfish and monster fishing tackle), SUNSET ( uncompromising quality dedicated to saltwater fishing), BIWAA (outstanding soft and hard lures and high quality rods, reels and terminal tackle for predators) , SAKURA ( ultra-high-end dedicated brand for artificial lures fishing either freshwater or saltwater- lures, rods, reels, lines and accessories), SERT ( good quality at outstanding prices). For all its brands SERT uses TC24 to TC50 “Technifibre” carbon or Japanese Toray carbon fibres and other materials as well as SeaGuide and FUJI components for its rods, Japanese double or single sealed ball bearings, aluminium or carbon housing and rotors, machined metal or carbon spools and carbon disc drags for its reels, quality lines, hooks, lures and accessories.

      CARSON. High quality at very reasonable prices. For over 60 years now, CARSON has delivered Italian engineering and design in an affordable form to the fishing enthusiast. CARSON’s reels or rods as well as the lines leave nothing to be desired for. CARSON uses the same materials and technologies that otherwise are found in much more expensive brands. The products are built exactly in the same factories where other fancier and better known brands develop their new ranges.

Test a CARSON reel and you will be amazed how smooth they operate. Use a CARSON rod and you will notice nothing but amazing quality. Same with TEBEN reels or FUDO hooks. Same with BARBETTA and HERON. But the price? That’s where the comparison ends. Because the price-quality ratio of the CARSON-TEBEN-FUDO-BARBETTA-HERON products in all their respective ranges is unmatched in the marketplace!




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