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BIWAA FISHING PERFORMANCE: French Design and engineering born from many years of tournament fishing throughout Europe.

Today BIWAA designs and manufactures all their lures in their own facility, creating an environment allowing for only the best products to reach their customers.

All BIWAA products are BPA and phthalate free, they care about the environment and the company is committed to doing their part to help preserve the planet for future generations. 

BIWAA’s philosophy is to propose lures that will make the di­fference and will allow you to beat records.

 When fishing gets tough and fish do not respond well to anything, then it is the ideal moment to start fishing with BIWAA and discover the enormous possibilities of your lures.

 You will understand at that very moment that tracking down predators is BIWAA’s passion and that in every one of their creations, there is heart and soul put into and their continuous innovation has only goal: Looking for performance!


Since its creation in France in 2008, BIWAA Fishing Performance has grown through Europe and Asia creating innovative designs that target a wide variety of species. Our passion for fishing and our background in manufacturing has created an environment in which we are constantly evolving, adapting, creating new and better.

Our team has many professional anglers skilled in a number of fishing techniques, providing insight and feedback that enables us to continue refining existing designs, while making sure we adapt to the needs of anglers, and those scenarios where our products will make a difference.

The Divinator hybrid lure has put BIWAA Fishing Performance on the map almost 10 years ago, with its patent pending design. We have since grown our catalog to include more than 800 products.  Our catalog of products range from soft plastic swimbaits, multi-segmented hard baits and hybrid lures, to terminal tackle, and fishing rods.

At BIWAA, we hold ourselves to a very high standard, and ensure that our products are manufactured only with quality components and that the “fit and finish” of our lures is sets the benchmark in the industry.


In our BIWAA Royal Factory, products are conceptualized, designed, engineered, prototyped, and tested extensively before being introduced to any one market. Having our own exclusive factory gives us the freedom to work closely with our products from concept to delivery. Our team of artists, designers, technicians and engineers, all play a big part in creating our new products. Excellent collaboration between departments is paramount to ensure that each and every aspect of our products is well thought through and thoroughly executed on. The end result is to deliver highly functional products using premium components and materials, that are built with integrity and strength, whilst having incredibly lifelike finishes.

We hope you enjoy our products, and we are always looking forward to working with “you”, the angler so we can bring you what you need. 

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Adore Tackle sells exclusively in Australia premium European fishing brands, such as: SPORTEX Germany, D.A.M Germany, COLMIC Italy, BALZER Germany, SUNSET France, SAKURA France and more.
We offer an extensive range of fishing rods (surf rods, boat rods, spinning rods or travel rods) and fishing reels (spinning reels, big game and surf reels, overhead reels, etc) soft and hard fishing lures, mono or braided fishing lines and accessories.

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