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Over 68 years of passion for fishing.

For over 68 years BALZER has gone from strength to strength.

Still a family business today. While some competitors cannot say exactly who they are or what they stand for, BALZER GmbH is still an owner-managed company. Successful management, satisfied and motivated employees, short decision-making processes, German innovation and culture, modern IT solutions employed in design and engineering guarantee the highest possible outcome for all customers.

BALZER is exactly that. German business. German engineering. Tradition. Passion. Quality.

What do you expect of your fishing reel? A modern technology power pack that never lets you down? Then go for the BALZER Formula: Perfection plus quality plus convenience= maximum angling pleasure.

These quality features are the same on all BALZER reels. Small, fine float-fishing, match and fixed spool reels for very light float fishing. The high-tech fixed spool spinning reels for spin fishing. Powerful long-distance casting reels and precision casting Bait-cast multi-reels for surf fishing and fine fly reels for fly fishing.

BALZER reels have extraordinary features and incorporate elements such as metal or duraluminium housing, metal spools and handles, Japanese single or double sealed ball bearings, worm shaft oscillation systems, carbon brake discs, etc.

BALZER rods. When man and tool become one. The rod is the extended arm of the angler. Not only a stick with a line to it, but a precision instrument developed to fight the most aggressive fish safely.

It is the link which allows a perfect interaction between the angler and its target fish. BALZER rods use the best carbon fiber available, from Japanese IM-12 or IM-8, IM-7 or IM-6 to carbon mats made from carbon nanotubes (CNT) combined with IM-12 carbon mats for unbreakable blank construction. Or from slender titanium SIC or FUJI Alconite guides to ergonomic cork or DUPLON/EVA or neoprene handles.

Quality is what sets BALZER apart from its competitors.

 1949: The beginning of a passion

One year after the monetary reform under Federal Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, the still new German mark is inspiring the revived entrepreneurial spirit of the post-war years in Germany. During this time the young Hanns Balzer creates his business in Munich and lays the foundations for today's company BALZER.

 1950: Was it forward thinking or madness that drove Hanns Balzer to deal in the fishing tackle industry in the destroyed post-war Germany. The GI's of the US Army were enthusiastic about the diversity of German rivers and lakes - above all their fish quality. However, they had no fishing tackle available. And that was the opportunity that Hanns Balzer sought: he imported his first fishing reels and earned his revenue by selling to the US Army.  Hanns Balzer's early successes validated his focus on fishing and sports equipment.

1952: Hanns Balzer starts working with the best from the start: MITCHELL, MEPPS and PLATIL. Exclusive representations for world best brands, licensing, increasing customer base, expansion of the fishing tackle ranges and distribution of sports articles are giving rise to his family business.

1955: Hanns Balzer invents the legendary BALZER tournament services to better understand the needs of the anglers. Sunday-Sunday, the service vehicles of BALZER are held at betting events, casting tournaments and club festivities. This results in product development that better meets customer expectations.

1960: As early as1960 it was obvious that the Munich office was too small for the ever-growing family business BALZER in. From an economic stand point and to allow for faster distribution Hanns Balzer decides to move the offices to the center of Germany. A new office, warehouse and production building is being built in Hesse in Lauterbach in record time.

1962: Exclusive distribution of Mitchell products in Germany

1971: Exclusive distribution of Daiwa products in Germany.

1980: Since the 1980s, BALZER has always relied on the knowledge and experience of many renowned BALZER expert teams (fresh water and salt water). This gives the fishing expert an opportunity to innovate and guarantee real-world results with those products.

1982: As an owner-managed, German owned family business, BALZER GmbH owes their success exclusively to their personal strategy and invested capital. After completing its studies in applied economics, Dieter Balzer joins the company and formulates the brand philosophy.

1989: The fall of the Berlin wall and the German reunification in 1989 brought the company to the heart of Europe. The geographic center of Germany will be a perfect location for a Europe-wide company from the logistical point of view.

1990: Dieter Balzer takes over the reins of the business from his father and leads the traditional brand with the distinctive focus to the development of the company in a new decade.

1997: "Fisherman Fritz does not need drugs". A sympathy campaign attracts a great deal: With confidence-building measures in partnership with specialist traders, in dialogue with anglers, their organization associations and their associations, BALZER promotes to the youth and improves the reputation of the anglers in the public eye. "Fisherman Fritz does not need drugs" has a strong appeal to parents, schools and club youth welfare. Fisherman Fritz becomes the symbolic figure in a special fight delivering information and organizing events in youth centers.

1999: 50 years Balzer. In the anniversary year, the company BALZER looks back on 50 years of experience and passion for fishing. On this occasion the company philosophy and the attitude towards customers, employees and suppliers is reinforced again. This spirit inspires the day-to-day business of the company.

2005: BALZER decides to cooperate with the specialist trade for fishing tackle. BALZER has always supported specialist retailers at their point of sales, whether it was a product range, sales support, repair service or advertising. As early as 2005, BALZER fishing tackle was marketed nationwide in 1500 specialty stores. BALZER becomes the trademark for the perfect fishing experience.

2008: With its first YouTube video, BALZER is revolutionizing the information landscape in fishing. Well-known fishing enthusiasts show the right application of the high-quality BALZER products and provide tips that can be implemented immediately by the user.

2010: BALZER focuses on products that are ahead of the trend in fishing tackle. Their leadership is in high value, in innovation and in quality. Leading designers, designers and manufacturers in 60 countries are committed to this claim. All BALZER products are manufactured in accordance with strict quality guidelines for material, technology, design and equipment.

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