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Welcome to ADORE TACKLE Online Store!
Please find below some guidelines to help you search, save and purchase the fishing tackle or outdoor equipment you need.
Placing an Order
Placing online orders with ADORE TACKLE is easy. First you will need to create an account with us. This will allow you to track your orders and receive special offers and discounts exclusive to ADORE TACKLE customers.
The following steps you need to follow:
1. Create an account with ADORE TACKLE
2. Search our comprehensive range of products to find what you want and need
3. Once you have decided, add the items to your Shopping Cart
4. Proceed to checkout, shipping details and payment
5. Review your order
6. Check your order status
7. Confirm

1. Create an account with ADORE TACKLE

Click on the “My Account” button at the top left-hand side of the ADORE TACKLE homepage. Click on the orange ‘CLICK HERE TO CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT’ button in the ‘Create a New Account’ section. Fill in the necessary details and then click ‘CREATE MY ACCOUNT’. An account will be created for you and your login details will be emailed to you. You’re now ready to go shopping.

2. Search our comprehensive range of products to find what you want and need

You will need to either search for the items you would like to order, or use the drop-down menu system to select and browse. Our search box is located at the top right area of most pages on our website. Our drop-down menu browse lists are located at the top navigation bar as well as on the left-hand side (if you want more detailed browsing). When you find an item that interests you, hover-over to see a quick summary, or click on the name of the item to see more details.

3. Once you have decided, add the items to your Shopping Cart

If you want to order an item found during your search or browsing, enter the quantity required in the corresponding ‘Quantity’ box and then click the ‘ADD TO CART’ button. Once the item is added to your Cart, keep searching or browsing until you have added all the items you want to order. You can view what is in your Cart by clicking the ‘View Cart’ button above the product information tables, or by clicking on the ‘My Account’ button

4. Proceed to Checkout, Shipping Details and Payment

Review the products you have added to your Shopping Cart. When ready to order click the ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button. The Billing Information page will then appear.
Unless your information has been previously provided and stored in your account, at this stage you will fill in the necessary information and click the ‘Continue’ button. The Shipping Method page will appear displaying the delivery charge. Select the preferred method of delivery. Then click the ‘Continue’ button to proceed to the ‘Payment Information’ page.
ADORE TACKLE accepts VISA, MasterCard and payments through PayPal.
Once you have entered all necessary details, click ‘Continue’ to review your order.

5. Review your order

Please check all items thoroughly to ensure the model details, quantities and delivery details are all correct. You cannot alter an order once it has been submitted and paid. If you do need to change something to an order that has been placed and processed- please contact ADORE TACKLE within 2 (two) business hours of order being submitted.

6. Check your order status

You can track your orders by signing into your account via the ‘Sign In’ button.

7. Confirm

Confirm your order when you know that you have found all the products you need or want. ADORE TACKLE wants you to be satisfied with your purchase always.

How to sign in to your account

1. Click on the “My Account” button at the top left-hand side of the ADORE TACKLE homepage.
2. Enter your e-mail address at the “Sign in” section (on the right-hand side – the registered customers section);
Remember that the e-mail address you used during registration with will be the only e-mail address we will use to notify status of your orders.
3. Enter the password you nominated for your account. Passwords are case sensitive.
4. Browse for your personal information, including past and current orders, etc.

Australian Online Fishing Tackle Shop

Adore Tackle sells exclusively in Australia premium European fishing brands, such as: SPORTEX Germany, D.A.M Germany, COLMIC Italy, BALZER Germany, SUNSET France, SAKURA France and more.
We offer an extensive range of fishing rods (surf rods, boat rods, spinning rods or travel rods) and fishing reels (spinning reels, big game and surf reels, overhead reels, etc) soft and hard fishing lures, mono or braided fishing lines and accessories.

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