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Buy the best surf and beach fishing rods from Adore Tackle online and you get free shipping everytime

ADORE TACKLE stocks a wide range of some of the best European brands surf casting rods and beach spinning fishing rods, such as: SPORTEX, COLMIC, D.A.M, BALZER and SUNSET.


How to choose the best surf casting fishing rod? We have put together an extensive guide to make it easier for you to choose the right, perfect surf fishing rod. Read more "How to choose Surf Fishing Rods" and "Everything you should know about Surf Fishing Rods"



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Australian Online Fishing Tackle Shop

Adore Tackle sells exclusively in Australia premium European fishing brands, such as: SPORTEX Germany, D.A.M Germany, COLMIC Italy, BALZER Germany, SUNSET France, SAKURA France and more.
We offer an extensive range of fishing rods (surf rods, boat rods, spinning rods or travel rods) and fishing reels (spinning reels, big game and surf reels, overhead reels, etc) soft and hard fishing lures, mono or braided fishing lines and accessories.

We offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders Australia wide with no minimum order amount.

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