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SAKURA has been established by SERT in 2004 to focus exclusively on freshwater and saltwater fishing with soft and hard lures.

In a very short period of time SAKURA established itself as top-end, ultra high-quality lure manufacturer and supplier. Today SAKURA designs, produces, selects and sells fishing gear to retailers and distributors. Our slogan "fishing with lures is our passion" speaks volumes about our brand.
SAKURA produces and sells rods, reels, lines, terminal tackle, jig heads, boxes, bags, sportswear.
All SAKURA rods use only the finest carbon material, including TC24 to TC50 Intermediate and High Modulus Japanese Toray with SeaGuide and Fuji rings and seats, whilst the baitcasting and spinning reels that SAKURA produces are nothing short of mechanical marvels.
The soft and hard lures that SAKURA designs and produces are tested by world champions in sea fishing/ bass fishing/ predators fishing and only those lures that make the difference in a tournament or real world scenarios, will make the final cut to production.


  • · Winner Best New Product Award, Efttex 2012 - Rods - Furiozza FRC661ULST 
  • · Winner Innovation Award Sea Fishing Tradeshow Nantes Nantes 2013 – Hard lures Real Life Series 
  • · Runner Up Best New Product Award Efttex 2013 - Metal Lures - Balatuna 

Winner Innovation Award Sea Fishing Tradeshow Nantes 2014 – Soft lures L16 Shad


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Adore Tackle sells exclusively in Australia premium European fishing brands, such as: SPORTEX Germany, D.A.M Germany, COLMIC Italy, BALZER Germany, SUNSET France, SAKURA France and more.
We offer an extensive range of fishing rods (surf rods, boat rods, spinning rods or travel rods) and fishing reels (spinning reels, big game and surf reels, overhead reels, etc) soft and hard fishing lures, mono or braided fishing lines and accessories.

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