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Spinning reels (Part 3)

Posted by Adore Tackle on

So, in the end what reel should you buy?

If you want to fish from the shore, passed the first gutter longer distances you definitely need a long cast spool reel. Those reels are more often qualified as surf reels or long cast spinning reels. Some excellent examples will be DAM Surfhammer 360FD, or the SUNSET Sunbeach SW 8006FD. On the later we have a special "take another 15% off " this weekend ( Ends March 20th, 2017) only. If you are money conscious, then look no further than CARSON NEW ANGEL REELS XII 7500.

All exceptional reels, with long cast spools and many quality features.

The best of the best that we have in this category would have to be our BALZER Zammataro 9600. 2 spools, long cast, exceptional quality and features.

For fighting big, aggressive fish such as mulloway, kingfish or grouper you need a reel that has a pretty strong main shaft ( 6-8mm will be required as a minimum diameter, and stainless steel construction). If and when possible, a main drag with carbon washers (or PTFE washers as a minimum) to help with stopping any big fish run.

A 7-10 Kg drag power is what we offer in this category ( more reels will come soon with 20, 25 and 30 kg drag power!). That should be enough for everything up to 30Kg+ tuna. Which is something that most of us aspire to...

What we would recommend then?

Both sizes (7000 and 10000) of DAM Combat are extraordinary reels, and have been just recently awarded "best saltwater reel" at a tradeshow in Europe ( February 2017).

And the prices? Absolutely incredible! Check out DAM Quick Combat 7000 or DAM Quick Combat 10000 for further details.

If you want even better, then an absolute beast of a reel the SUNSET Sunfight SW6506 FD High End Big Fish reel should be on your list. At 10Kg+ drag force, super thick stainless steel shaft and 6 double sealed Japanese ball bearings, this is a reel that will last forever. 

Now on free spools one.

I absolutely love the free spool/baitrunner reels. Why? Because you can pre-select how tight the drag you want to be; then you set the lever, from completely free spool movement to fine micro-adjustments for slight-medium tight spools.

When the fish is on, you turn the handle and the lever slaps automatically (or you just flip the lever and hook the fish..) on it's closed position, thus the reel becoming at that point a front drag reel in combat. Absolute marvels as it allows you to catch the finickiest fish there is, as it will take the bait without feeling the tension in the line.

Do we have any of these available?

You betcha.

I would recommend you have a look at a "Big Pit/ Big Fish" reel, such as DAM Quick Dragger 560 FS.

For any other small and medium sizes, you should not disregard BALZER Alegra BR, as these are fantastically looking and excellent quality reels. Better still, a reel that one should look at investing in, should be the exceptional DAM Quick Endura 555FS.

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